2019 Nationals Gallery

2019 Division 9 National Champions – Sydney Psycho Killers Left to Right Standing: Ellisha, Robyn (box loader), Jason and Charlotte Left to Right Kneeling: Justin, Imogen, Emily with Watson and Heather with Charlie
2019 Division 1 National Runners up – Sydney Psychos Left to Right Standing: Jason, Justin (box loader) and Robyn Left to Right Kneeling: Emily with Jindi and Heather with Pickles
2019 Division 5 National Runners up – Sydney Psycho Phantoms Left to Right: Robyn, Heather with Dart, Shaun with Bentlee, Sandra with Ty, Ellisha (box loader), Beth with Winnie and Jason
2019 National Championship Sydney Psychos Club photo
2019 National Championship – Division 9 Sydney Psycho Killers lining up ready to race
Trying to beat the QLD humidity anyway we can
Our fearless leaders were struck down with car troubles but that didn’t stop them enjoying their holiday
Watson giving his best Blue Steel look at Emily in his new slip lead. All the racing dogs received this awesome gift from one of our club Instructors, Robyn
Miguel’s face says it all after we received a deluge of rain that flooded our campsites