Unless it’s raining, we’re away at a race meeting or a demonstration, we train on Sunday at the Bill Spilstead Complex at Dogs NSW located in Orchard Hills NSW.

Regular intakes are held for our foundations training, this is a precursor to flyball training. For intakes and dates please contact Robyn. 

Setup and training for any dog and handler not in the foundations class starts at 8am and continues through till midday. 

Your first two training sessions are free so that you can determine if the Psychos are right for you. If you wish to join us, the fee is $50 for one dog or $75 for two. Part of this fee goes to your Australian Flyball Association membership. Then it is $10 per training session.

Please bring a chair, refreshments for yourself, a water bowl, training treats, crate, shade structure and your dog’s favourite toy or motivator.

Most dogs will eventually learn Flyball. No matter how long it takes, we won’t give up if you don’t. 

Please contact us prior attending your first training session.

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