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 Welcome to the Sydney Psychos Flyball Team!

Standing left to right: Migel, Imogen (Dogs- Harry and Georgia), Jason (Dogs- Storm and Rock), Robyn (Dogs- Apache and Skye), Ian (Dog- Hazard), Heather (Dogs- Anarchy, Dart, Bentlee, Pickles and Charlie), Shaun, Ellisha (Dog- Basil), Emily (Dogs- Storm and Jindi), Charlotte (dog- Chrissie) Left to right sitting: Kathia (dogs- Kaiser), Sandra (Dog- Ty), Beth (dogs- Winnie and Watson), Justin (dogs- Shep and Snooks) Photo provided by Pawsnap Photography

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Sydney Psychos is a family friendly flyball team, who use motivational and behavioral techniques to train our dogs.

Unless it’s raining or we’re away at a competition, we train every Sunday at Dogs NSW in Orchard Hills.

There are 3 dress rules: no thongs or sandals, no choker collars and no chain leads. That means you must wear a safe shoe and your dog must have a soft collar and webbed lead.

After training and packing up, we invite all dogs to join in an off-lead playtime. It’s an important part of team building for the dogs, where they meet and run with the other dogs, learn how to get on with one another and how to behave politely off lead. They also love it.

Every training session is designed to meet your dog’s individual needs. The one-on-one training provided is unique to the Sydney Psychos. If you ever feel that you are not been provided appropriate training, just talk to one of our instructors so that the situation may be rectified.

Every dog is different. Some dogs learn quickly, others have to overcome fears or special issues before they seem to settle in to Flyball. We can’t predict how long it will take to teach you and your dog, but we can say your dog will eventually learn Flyball and we won’t give up if you don’t.

Having the basic equipment is really helpful. As a minimum you’ll need a bum-bag for doggy treats and a motivator. Both of these items are for sale at very reasonable prices.

A crate is a necessity at competitions, and it’s better to start crate training your dog sooner rather than later. Believe it or not, your dog will actually grow to love its own crate – its own portable bedroom and safe haven for resting between races.

You don’t have to commit to travelling to competitions to be part of the Psychos Team. Those of us who do compete do so for the fun and fellowship of travelling with our dogs and our team mates.

If you have any questions at all about flyball, email us at info@sydneypsychos.net.au

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